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One of the most under-rated aspects of healthy living is the importance of fitness. Studies indicate that, for the average person, fitness levels are one of the factors used to evaluate their health and overall well-being. The better the person looks and feels, the more attractive they are perceived to be. However, good health requires a balanced approach to living – physical, mental and emotional.

Researchers at Duke University have made significant strides in finding a better way to determine what is needed to be done to achieve a person’s fitness levels. Fitness assessment technology enables clinicians to measure fitness without the need for invasive procedures. This technology is intended to provide patients with a physical indication of their health and wellness so that they can make decisions about their care based on their needs and goals.

There are three different ways to conduct a fitness assessment. First, an individual’s core level of physical activity can be assessed by using accelerometers. These accelerometers to monitor the speed and intensity of physical activity through their small but highly sensitive components. Second, a scale is measured to measure body fat. Third, breathing can be evaluated to evaluate heart rate and oxygen intake.

After the appropriate fitness assessment has been conducted, a health care professional can evaluate the results. Usually, the results will be compared to previous results. They will also be compared to health standards set by medical organizations.

The results of a fitness assessment will likely not always be identical. Because of this, it is necessary to take all of the information into consideration when interpreting the results. A doctor will then make recommendations based on the results and specific health goals set by the patient.

Most doctors agree that you can live a healthy lifestyle if you follow a healthy diet and exercise program. You can improve your health by doing less and more. The next step is to take the next step. It’s never too late to start improving your health!

In addition to evaluating physical fitness, a person undergoing a fitness assessment will be evaluated for the severity of their underlying conditions. By knowing if a patient is at risk for a heart attack or stroke, physicians can better decide how much activity they should be getting. With all of the many factors that can lead to physical inactivity, those patients are at greater risk for developing certain ailments, such as arthritis, diabetes, obesity and depression.

Physical and mental health often go hand in hand. Your mental health is usually much stronger than your physical. Studies show that the closer your mental state is to your physical state, the higher your level of physical fitness is. This is why fitness assessment is so important to many people – they want to know how they are doing, and where they need to be going.

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