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wedding anniversary gifts

As but was like habit they’d use it a ton and iPhone lenses can be like a fisheye lens or like just a better macro lens it can take really close-up photos and it can range in price from like to I know like urban outfitter sells them but definitely just search around online.

I don’t have any perfect source for you but if you find one it’s in the new price range that can be a really really great gift also portable technology is super in right now I just got this speaker right here I decked it out in washi tape so it’s actually just a silver material but it is a portable speaker doesn’t require any batteries so you just turn it on it connects with your Bluetooth phone and.

The great thing about giving someone else a speaker is that kind of you benefit from the gift as well because if you’re at their house or you’re at the beach and you want to play some music you get to use the speaker usually gave them which is cool this one’s from taotronics which is the same brand.

I have my amazing lamp from that is in my dorm room tour and I hope to have a discount code fitness in the downbar but it’s only sold on Amazon but that’s good because it means shipping is pretty standard and I think it ranges from like a thirty to fifty dollar range but it works really well it gets really loud so I’m for its size it has great power and great battery life then the last kind of tech gift I would give is a portable charger so.

I have this one that my dad got me into a super heavy brick one not necessarily so cute but three USB outlets on it and a light and so that means I can charge to like % like over and over again and then this smaller one definitely isn’t charged to % it’s just for one person but it’s like per size this is definitely a little heavier but it’s good for like a full day Disneyland this one’s more like you’re just going out and about and you might need one like up to % up to % charge so these are also found at places like Urban Outfitters.

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